“Mission: Empowerment!” brings Whole Family Wellness to local shelter


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Peace Fam,

We hope this reaches you in great spirit and health.  We are excited to share with you the news that recently we’ve been blessed to partner our giveback movement “Mission: Empowerment!” w/ a local Women and Children’s Shelter and offer our series “Whole Family Wellness” – a program, led by our Tranquil Living Consultants, that guides families through key elements of Whole Family care!!  This is a Fun and Creative effort to assist families here in building self-esteem, confidence, improving their outlook on life and generally Empowering them to be more Holistically equipped to face life. After speaking with some of the residents, they’ve expressed they’re excited to have us there and we’re equally stoked to partner w/ them in their journey to a Well life!!  But we can’t do this alone.  In order for this movement to have it’s most powerful impact and all families interested be able to participate, we need additional supplies, equipment, volunteers, and much more.  If so inspired, please make a contribution, become a sponsor, donate or volunteer TODAY.  For more info on where Mission: Empowerment! is happening in your community and/or how you can assist, please contact us today @ 240-286-5542 or visit us @ http://www.tranquilblessings.com.  Thanks in advance for all your support!!

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