Whole Family Wellness

Peace Fam,

We’re excited to launch our NEW Whole Family Wellness Holistic Workshop series in which we Establish Wholistic Wellness for the Entire Family.  Please feel free to share and we hope to see YOU in the community SOON!


farmers market

Look below to find family-friendly fun in your community!


Tranquil Blessings

Whole Family Wellness
“Establishing Wholistic Wellness for the Whole Family”


Led by our Tranquil Living Consultants, you/your family/your staff will be guided through key
elements of Whole Family/Person/Employee Care.

(This series is highly customizable and each Element below can be brought to you separately as well as be learned in
as little as a 30 min. workshop, 1 hour workshop, 1 day series, multiple day series, multiple week series, multiple
months series…your choice!)

*Majestic Movements
Using various Holistic exercise modalities, family will explore connection to their bodies, proper posture and
energized movement.

*Family Time: Unplugged
Families will explore various FUN activities to do together

*Rawkstars: Healthy Eats
Families will examine ingredients on various, common snacks and collectively create some healthier alternatives

*Mindful Living
Through meditation and mindful games, families will explore how focus and being more in the moment assists w/
improved family connection

*Halftime Healing
Using various Holistic Healing modalities (massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, etc.)families will explore easy
routines to do together for a more calm, connected and centered family unit.

Register today and obtain
wellness for your family NOW!!

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