NEW!! All Natural Bath ‘n’ Body Line “Tranquility To Go”


Join us as we celebrate the debut of our ALL NEW All Natural Bath ‘n’ Body Line, “Tranquility To Go”!!!  From decadent handmade soaps, to scrumptious organic scrubs and much more, we’re certain you’ll enjoy your “Tranquility To Go”!

See our new line here: Tranquility To Go

New and Improved “Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa Party Menu!!

“Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa Party Services


NEW!!!  Just in time for those that are looking for Budget and Time Friendly Pampering-On -The- Go, join us as we debut our ALL NEW Mobile Unisex “REJUVENATE YOU” Express Spa Party Services!!
When 4 or more services are booked, the HOST receives a FREE Massage…Click  -> to purchase your “Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa Services and we’ll contact you to confirm your appointment…*Appointments are Booked Based on Availability Only, so feel free to contact us first to Confirm your date is available @*

All services now on SALE(Travel Fee($25 w/in DC Metro Area) applies,per visit, for services performed more than 10 miles outside 22304 zip code)…

“Rejuvenate You” Express Spa Menu:

A La Carte


“Motivator”  – 10 min. Mobile Seated Massage $18.75(Normally $37.50)

“Rejuvenator” – 20 min. Mobile Seated Massage $37.50(Normally $75.00)


“Crown Chakra Chill” – 10 min. Scalp Massage $15(Normally $20)


“Healing” Hand Reflexology
(10 min Hand Massage/Reflexology) $12(Normally $17)

“Fancy” Foot Loose Reflexology(10 min. Foot Massage/Reflexology) $15(Normally $20)

“Majestic” Mini-Mani 1 (Brief Hand Massage And Finger Nail Polish Change(Clean,Shape,Paint)) $15(Normally $20)

“Majestic” Mini-Mani 2(Brief Foot Massage and Toe Nail Polish Change(Clean,Shape,Paint)) $20(Normally $25)

“Healing” Hand Treatments(Scrub, Moisturizer, Massage)$22.50(Normally $25.00)

“Fancy” Foot Work Treatments(Scrub, Moisturizer, Massage)$27.00(Normally $30.00)


“Refreshing” Express Mini-Facial(Cleansing,Analysis,Toner,Moisturizer)$20.00(Normally $35.00)

“Motivating” Mini-Makeover(Eyes)$12.00(Normally $15)

“Motivating” Mini-Makeover(Lips)$8.00(Normally $12)

“Motivating” Mini-Makeover(Eyes and Lips)$17.00(Normally $27.00)

“Meticulous” Makeup Touch-up(Foundation, Lips, Brow, Blush)$20(Normally $25)

“Glamorous”  Going Out Makeover(Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, Eyes, Lips, Light Contouring)$55(Normally $75)

“Effervescent” Express Eyelash application(Strip)$15(Normally $25)

Packages  (SAVE MORE!!)

“Peace” of Mind #1 Package(“Motivator” and “Healing” Hand Treatment) $40.00(Normally $60.00)

“Peace” of Mind #2 Package(“Rejuvenator” and “Healing” Hand Treatment)$50.00(Normally $100.00)

“Restoration” #1 Package(“Motivator” and “Fancy” Foot Work Treatment) $44.50(Normally $64.50)

“Restoration” #2 Package(“Rejuvenator” and “Fancy” Foot Work Treatment)$54.50(Normally $105.00)


“Celebrate YOU” Package #1 (“Motivator”,”Healing” Hand  Massage and “Fancy” Foot Loose Massage)$55(Normally $62)

“Celebrate YOU” Package #2 (“Rejuvenator”, “Healing” Hand and “Fancy” Foot Work Treatments) $75.00(Normally $130)

All complete w/ relaxing music to set the ambience.

Click  -> to purchase your “Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa Services TODAY!!

Celebrating a new partnership!!

Yew 360’s Wild and Organic Herbal Blends


We are PROUD to PARTNER with a longstanding, Wholistic Health and Wellness staple in our Community, Yew-360 Wholistic Health and Wellness, LLC., to bring to you their TOP 6 Wild and Organic Herbal Blends!! Their company focus aligns perfectly with ours to promote total healing for our collective communities via information, motivation, and progressive action through all avenues of nature that nourish us as a whole.

Yew-360 InjuRecovery

This herbal combination contains plants that have a historical use with assisting recovery from injuries. The herbal ingredients collectively help to relieve inflammation, and to promote and expedite tissue repair, both internally and externally. This blend can be used in support of healing from wounds, ruptures, broken bones, and muscle, joint, tendon, and ligament damage.

Main Ingredients: Solomon’s Seal, Self-Heal, Horsetail, Alfalfa, Gota Kola, Yarrow, Marigold

Click here to purchase: ——>

Yew-360 I-M-Unity (Super Respiratory Support)

This herbal combination is designed to address mucous congestion and respiratory infections that lead to breathing difficulties. The herbs in this formula have natural antibiotic, anti-viral, and immune boosting properties that can zone in on infectious micro-organisms, while promoting the breakup & disposal of excess mucous plaque in the lungs and sinuses, and opening up the breathing passages. This makes an excellent remedy to expedite recovery during cold & flu season. This formula may also be useful against sarcoidosis, ear infections, enlarged adnoids, throat infections, bronchitis, and to assist respiratory wellness in former smokers.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Black Seed, Fenugreek, Osha, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Mullein, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Taheebo, African Bird Pepper

Click here to purchase: —->

Yew-360 Slow Flow

This combination is put together to support women on their menstrual cycles. The herbs in this formula have traditionally been used to alleviate menstrual cramps, regulate excessive and extensive menstrual bleeding, and to help to improve the resulting energy drainage. It may also be useful for muscular cramps, diarrhea, urinary incontinence, internal hemorrhages, and uterine toning support.   Main Ingredients: Shepherd’s Purse, Moringa, Cramp Bark, Raspberry, & Cinnamon

Click here to purchase: ——->

Yew-360 I-M-Unity Seasonal Support

This herbal blend is formulated to primarily offer relief from seasonal allergy symptoms, hay fever, and sinus congestion. The ingredients in this composition have been found to stimulate the removal of mucous plaque, build tolerance to allergenic plants, hinder histamine production (that causes allergic reactions), and strengthen the immune system. This tea blend makes both a “breath of fresh air” and an excellent general tonic for those who battle the environment year after year.

Main Ingredients: Elder, Fenugreek, Nettle, Alfalfa, Rooibos, Chickweed, Eucalyptus, Mullein, Rosemary, Catnip, Olive, Echinacea, Lemongrass, & African Bird Pepper

Click here to purchase: —–>

Yew-360 Waterfalls Brew

This herbal combination is specially formulated as a detoxification aid to the womb and female reproductive system.  The herbs in this blend have a long-standing reputation for supporting the purification and general health of the feminine organs, and have been implemented as part of an overall protocol to address conditions such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, vaginal discharges, infertility, and prolonged & painful menstrual cycles.

Main Ingredients:  Red Clover, Hyssop, Blue Vervain, Lady’s Mantle, Squawvine, Nettle, Blue Violet, Cinnamon, & African Bird Pepper

Click here to purchase: ——–>

Yew-360 Crystal Cut

This blend of herbs targets painful and crystallized matter. It promotes the disintegration and expulsion of excess uric acid, oxalate, protein, cholesterol and other causes of stone and crystal formations in the body. The herbs used in this formula have traditionally been utilized to battle inflammatory conditions including arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, kidney stones, liver & gallbladder stones, and gout.

Main Ingredients: Gravel Root, Celery, Fenugreek, Dandelion, White Oak, Milk Thistle, Celandine, Parsley, Marshmallow, Ginger

Click here to purchase: ——->

Spa Etiquette


Spa Etiquette

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned spa goer, follow these basic guidelines to make the most of your experience when you visit a Tranquil Blessings Pop-Up “Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa or any spa for that matter.

1. Get a Menu of services beforehand so you’re informed about all your options.

2. Book appointments as far in advance as possible.  Don’t be afraid to mention if you’re a first timer.  Now’s the time to ask questions you have and state your preference for a male or female therapist and tech.  If you’re paying with a gift certificate/voucher, inquire about any policies concerning it and if the tip is included  Book vouchers here. .

3. Try to avoid alcohol on the day of treatment or at least until after you’ve received your services.

4. Dress comfortably in clothes that are easy to remove if desired and try to limit jewelry so as to avoid them getting misplaced.

5. Arrive early, ideally 15-20 minutes before your appointment, so you have time to fill out medical disclosure forms, settle in and relax.  Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone.

6. Speak up about anything that feels uncomfortable – the temperature, pressure or music volume – during your treatment.  If you’re wearing contact lenses inform the esthetician before your facial.

7. Nudity is not required for a typical table massage or a Seated Massage.  You can opt to keep your undergarments on or all of your clothes..we encourage you to do what you’re comfortable with.

8. Be mindful of other clients.  Keep your voice low and conversation to a minimum in common relaxation areas.

9. Tip everyone who performs a service between 15 and 20 percent, or more or less based on the quality of the service.

10.  If you have to cancel an appointment, give at least 24 hours notice for a single service and 48 hours for two or more.

Enjoy your Spa day!!

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