“Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa Party Services

“Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa Party Services


NEW!!!  Just in time for those that are looking for Budget and Time Friendly Pampering-On -The- Go, join us as we debut our ALL NEW Mobile Unisex “REJUVENATE YOU” Express Spa Party Services!!
When 4 or more services are booked, the HOST receives a FREE Massage…Click  -> http://www.freewebstore.org/GoddessMarket to purchase your “Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa Services and we’ll contact you to confirm your appointment…*Appointments are Booked Based on Availability Only, so feel free to contact us first to Confirm your date is available @ contactus@tranquilblessings.com*

All services now on SALE(Travel Fee($25 w/in DC Metro Area) applies,per visit, for services performed more than 10 miles outside 22304 zip code)…

“Rejuvenate You” Express Spa Menu:

A La Carte


“Motivator”  – 10 min. Mobile Seated Massage $18.75(Normally $37.50)

“Rejuvenator” – 20 min. Mobile Seated Massage $37.50(Normally $75.00)


“Crown Chakra Chill” – 10 min. Scalp Massage $15(Normally $20)


“Healing” Hand Reflexology
(10 min Hand Massage/Reflexology) $12(Normally $17)

“Fancy” Foot Loose Reflexology(10 min. Foot Massage/Reflexology) $15(Normally $20)

“Majestic” Mini-Mani 1 (Brief Hand Massage And Finger Nail Polish Change(Clean,Shape,Paint)) $15(Normally $20)

“Majestic” Mini-Mani 2(Brief Foot Massage and Toe Nail Polish Change(Clean,Shape,Paint)) $20(Normally $25)

“Healing” Hand Treatments(Scrub, Moisturizer, Massage)$22.50(Normally $25.00)

“Fancy” Foot Work Treatments(Scrub, Moisturizer, Massage)$27.00(Normally $30.00)


“Refreshing” Express Mini-Facial(Cleansing,Analysis,Toner,Moisturizer)$20.00(Normally $35.00)

“Motivating” Mini-Makeover(Eyes)$12.00(Normally $15)

“Motivating” Mini-Makeover(Lips)$8.00(Normally $12)

“Motivating” Mini-Makeover(Eyes and Lips)$17.00(Normally $27.00)

“Meticulous” Makeup Touch-up(Foundation, Lips, Brow, Blush)$20(Normally $25)

“Glamorous”  Going Out Makeover(Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, Eyes, Lips, Light Contouring)$55(Normally $75)

“Effervescent” Express Eyelash application(Strip)$15(Normally $25)

Packages  (SAVE MORE!!)

“Peace” of Mind #1 Package(“Motivator” and “Healing” Hand Treatment) $40.00(Normally $60.00)

“Peace” of Mind #2 Package(“Rejuvenator” and “Healing” Hand Treatment)$50.00(Normally $100.00)

“Restoration” #1 Package(“Motivator” and “Fancy” Foot Work Treatment) $44.50(Normally $64.50)

“Restoration” #2 Package(“Rejuvenator” and “Fancy” Foot Work Treatment)$54.50(Normally $105.00)


“Celebrate YOU” Package #1 (“Motivator”,”Healing” Hand  Massage and “Fancy” Foot Loose Massage)$55(Normally $62)

“Celebrate YOU” Package #2 (“Rejuvenator”, “Healing” Hand and “Fancy” Foot Work Treatments) $75.00(Normally $130)

All complete w/ relaxing music to set the ambience.

Click  -> http://www.freewebstore.org/GoddessMarket to purchase your “Rejuvenate YOU” Express Spa Services TODAY!!

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