Wellness in the Workplace


Our Wellness in the Workplace programs are easy, accessible, and effective tools for improving your staff’s quality of life.  Research has shown that massage regulates the nervous system which strengthens the immune system, lowers stress levels, and increases the production of relaxing hormones. Companies using Wellness in the Workplace programs for their staff have found a drastic boost in employee morale and improved connection and concentration. 

 Feel free to visit us online at www.tranquilblessings.com for more information on our various Wellness in the Workplace options.  Our Employee Appreciation services range from a Mobile VIP Lounge(Rejuvenation Station) that includes complimentary Foot Massage, to Seated Massage, to Table Massage, to Spa services, to various workshops that address Holistic elements of Whole Employee care(like our Whole Family Wellness series) and much,much more!

Call us NOW @ 2402865542, BOOK your Wellness in the Workplace service TODAY and show YOUR staff how much you APPRECIATE THEM!

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